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Probably you have already read that for getting success on Pinterest you need to scheduling your pinning activities. If you are not aware of it here are some interesting links about this topic:

Because I don’t want to spend money for the currently available services I wrote my own tool for scheduling Pinterest pins. And because its already written why not publish it also for you?

The program is running directly on your computer. Also the needed API-Key from Pinterest is saved locally. So if you are afraid of giving your credentials away this is the perfect way.

However the drawback is, that pins are just sent if the program really is running. If it is closed, its not sending. If you computer is off, its not sending. But if you are like me working on your computer the whole day you can plan your pinning activities in the morning and then just let it run over the day.


1. Download the Program and unzip it [ Find it here: (84MB) ]

2. Execute the file „Pin Pacer.exe“

3. Click on the config tab (1) and then fetch your API-Key from Pinterest using the link (2) or directly visiting

4. The API-Key needs read_public and write_public access. Just as with passwords: Never expose your key (thats also why the key is saved locally)

5. Enter the generated API-Key into the config tab and hit „Validate & Save“

6. Go to the Scheduler tab and pin!

How do you pin?

1. Click on the Scheduler Tab (1) and there on the desired board (2)

2. Now you can either upload a picture or you enter a pinterest pin url into the URL field

3. Click on the time/date to change it

4. Hit save -finish!

Happy pinning


Download PinPacer (for Windows): (84MB)

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